The Joy of Transformation

If I’m not happy with a current work in progress or even a finished piece, I change it. I take it apart, a little or a lot, and transform it into something new. Possibilities are endless. Why settle for what does not inspire joy? I’m all about joy. If it doesn’t spark joy, it’s time to change (Yes, I became a KonMari convert in 2018).

One of my favorite transformations. Story about this piece coming soon.

My latest transformation piece is a butterfly, which seems appropriate. Butterflies are symbols of transformation, starting as chunky weight-bound caterpillars and eventually turning into light graceful flying butterflies.

My original plan for this piece did not happen, as I cut too little cord (frequent problem of mine). I tried turning it into something else, and still did not like the results.

Tried to make the best of it, but didn’t like how it turned out.

Eventually I decided I could not stand it any longer. I thought it looked absolutely dreadful and decided it needed a major transformation.

I had a vague idea in mind (no concrete visual) and mentally played with a few elements, but eventually basic simplicity won and I’m happy to say that what it became matches the feeling I was imagining.

Butterfly macrame by Grace Lucille

This piece actually uses cord from another finished project I ended up totally scrapping. It was my first attempt of a vine pattern and it turned out dreadful. I decided to take it apart and use the cord for other projects. Because it had been knotted up in another pattern, the cord has retained the bent curliness, which upset me at first but now I feel enhances the fringe of the butterfly. It really plays into the look I was going for… an almost lacey feel.

I make all butterflies in memory of my daughter who died several years ago. Her life and death have been major catalysts in my own personal transformation, my own metamorphosis. This doll reminds me of her and happened to be in my photo staging area. I had to get a picture of them together 🙂

I went through a bunch of my tiny crystals trying to find the perfect one, and as fate would have it, I saw that these two sunstones were the perfect addition. I had just added a sunstone to another butterfly I’d just made, coincidentally after coming across two different posts in social media about sunstone. Apparently I’m on a sunstone kick. I admit it does resonate with my feelings these days… perhaps much of it is due to the long awaited arrival of spring here in central Maine.

Tiny sunstone crystals

Apparently transformation is a big theme of mine (last post was also about transformation). I’ve had some major changes and breakthroughs this year, learning to take more responsibility for the life I live. I am convinced that creativity is a major key to everything. When you’re stuck, you have to try something new… you have to start thinking creatively. Look at the options- what can you make with what you have? Also, look beyond what you think your options are. You might discover a whole world of possibility you didn’t know existed. You just have to question everything in order to get there.

That’s why I love changing my artwork. Even when I’m finished with a piece, I always keep the thought in the back of my mind that everything is open to change. If I don’t like how something turns out, I change it, and I take great joy in doing so. Life is the same way. If I find myself in a situation I don’t like… it’s time to stop complaining and do something to change it. Can’t change the actual situation? Then change the way I see it. Seeing it differently will transform it into a different experience.

I’m so happy with how this mini wall hanging turned out. I’m so glad I decided to change it. I may have never created this beautiful design otherwise.

Available for purchase in my Etsy shop:


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