The Joyful Color of Life

Fun fact: I originally wanted to name my business “Grace in Color” since I have a strong focus on making chakra artwork and am generally obsessed with color as it is.

Last month I pulled the Butterfly card from my Mother’s Wisdom Deck, and was suddenly inspired with a specific idea for a chakra butterfly macrame.Butterfly card from the Mother’s Wisdom DeckThe plan was to use the seven colors of the rainbow/chakras, but I couldn’t make that number work with the butterfly pattern. After trying a few different colorful variations, I finally released my expectations of chakra representation and let this butterfly be a wonderful rainbow full of extra color.

I’m crazy about the way it turned out! I love the addition of the fushia, peach, lime green, and lilac colors. It’s just so bright and joyful!I went through my crystals and decided sunstone looked the best inside the web. Although I may label this a dreamcatcher because that’s how others may see it, I don’t actually make traditional dreamcatchers. Whatever the indigenous meaning/purpose is behind dreamcatchers, I think of myself as making spiderwebs, which to me have a couple meanings. One, a connection to the creative and weaving talent of spiders – I consider the spider to be a sort of animal spirit ally in my creative work. Two, I associate web symbolism with the entire web of life – the fact that all things in life are connected. It is harmony and it is life.

For this piece, I love having a sunstone in the center of the web. It seems so fitting to have a representation of the sun in the center of this web of life. We all depend upon the sun’s energy to sustain life.

Butterflies symbolize transformation and new life. Everything about this macrame highlights the beauty and joy and intense variety of life.

I shared some pictures on Instagram and I was thrilled to discover one was shared by another account! I received a ton of new traffic and landed a sale because of the share. This adorable butterfly is helping push me into getting serious about turning my love of macrame and color into a real business. I’m FINALLY setting up my Etsy shop this week.

It’s springtime, there’s lots of new life and transformations happening everywhere and in my own life. I’m feeling pretty happy these days 🙂 This colorful butterfly is available in my Etsy shop:

My recent butterfly creations. Click the picture for more about the one on the right.

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