Say What You Need to Say: Exploring Connections Between Third and Fifth Chakras

Last autumn I completed a macrame wall hanging that represented my relationship with the third and fifth chakras, and how these two chakras work together for me. I used mustard yellow rope to represent the third chakra and I added a blue apatite stone to represent the fifth chakra.

I have a long interesting history with the color blue and have literally written pages about it. Blue is associated with the fifth chakra which is located at the throat and deals with issues of communication and expression. Five, for whatever reason, also happens to be my favorite number. Being a singer and writer and overall “expresser”, I think I favor my fifth chakra the most. However, as I discovered last year, I’ve had a lot of problems with my third chakra. The third chakra is located at the top of the abdomen (solar plexus) and deals with issues of personal confidence and gut intuition. I realized that unless I can come from a strong third chakra, my fifth chakra expressions come out weak and confused.

For me, I feel there is a strong personal connection between these two chakras, and so I wanted to create a macrame wall hanging to represent this.

The first layer of the piece uses a knot pattern at its center that creates an open space. (I’ve yet to figure out if there’s a name for this style so I’m always baffled at how to describe it) It is one of my favorite techniques to use because I feel it can represent/depict so many things. For this piece, I intentionally used it to depict the throat/vocal cords. The second layer of the piece comes together in the center where I attached the blue apatite stone.

mustard cord and blue apatite stone

During the making of this wall hanging, I had an experience that really brought out the point of what I was trying to communicate with this piece. I spoke up on social media about a certain hot topic and engaged in friendly debate with a friend, expressing my very strong feelings about the matter. I went to bed and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I suddenly started feeling very small and horrible. I felt my entire existence just wither and shrink within me as I doubted whether I should have even brought up the whole topic. It’s just easier to say nothing, I told myself. Some people will simply never understand so what’s the point of trying so hard to explain? Especially when it just leads to debate, which is just soooo uncomfortable. And perhaps I’m wrong after all. Did I just expose my complete stupidity to everyone? WHY DID I SAY ANYTHING TO BEGIN WITH??

I turned over in bed and looked at the wall and saw my unfinished macrame wall hanging. I realized I was struggling with the very issues this piece was teaching me about. I decided to stop my ridiculous inner chattering and worrying right then.

It was the awful shrinking feeling that really caught my attention. I now had words for this: my third chakra was shutting down. And I knew that was bad. I’d been working really hard on keeping my third chakra open and flowing correctly, and this shrinking feeling was the opposite. I couldn’t do this to myself. I had to find my strength again.

I mentally (not emotionally) went over the debate and the things I said and realized HOW ABSURD my worries about it were. It was a very civil debate, both sides respectfully offering their opinions. I believed in what I said. I had no reason to feel shamed for my feelings on the matter or the fact that I expressed them. I needed to hear what the other person said, and that person needed to hear what I said. We both came away with a broader view of the whole topic. WHY would I feel ashamed over any of that?

I focused on my center and could feel my inner strength return, and suddenly I felt this silly happiness wash over me. I felt myself standing strong and tall and confident. I said exactly what I needed to say and I let myself feel proud instead of ashamed. Minutes before, I laid in bed anxious with worry, feeling I may be awake forever and then becoming anxious over that. But now I laid there actually smiling and feeling amazing. I wrote a quick poem and eventually fell asleep peacefully.

Large mustard macrame wall hanging featuring blue apatite stone by Grace Lucille

Ever since this experience, I have felt far more confident in myself and my right to speak my truth. Working on this wall hanging was an instrumental part of this healing. It has been a bold reminder to “say what you need to say”.

Large mustard macrame wall hanging featuring blue apatite stone by Grace Lucille

**SOLD** This piece is available in my Etsy shop:

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