Amethyst and Pine: custom

I love seeing what creativity my customers come up with. This amethyst and pine wall hanging was a custom request inspired by the design of my Jealously Inhibits Growth piece:

Jealousy Inhibits Growth :

The customer wanted a pine green background and amethyst stones. It’s such a beautiful color combination. It feels both strong and peaceful, just like an old forest.


I rarely think to take pictures of my works in progress, but because this was a custom piece, I kept checking back in with my customer to make sure she liked where it was heading. I love having this series of progress photos!


Custom work can be so fun, helping make someone’s idea a true reality. My customer was thrilled with how this piece turned out, which gives me a wonderful sense of creator’s satisfaction 🙂

Natural and pine wall hanging on driftwood featuring three amethyst stones and leather hanging strap, by Grace Lucille.

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