Lessons from the Vine: The Family Line

After entirely too long a period of time, I’m finally sharing this wall hanging with you all. This was my third time making a vine macrame wall hanging:

I made this wall hanging last summer as a gift for one of my favorite humans. Fun fact: I listened to a lot of Priscilla Ahn and The Magic School Bus (thanks kids) while working on it. It was my re-introduction to the incredibly beautiful and moving music of Priscilla Ahn… I hadn’t listened to her in years and I’m so glad I found her again.

The real story behind this vine is so darn complicated that I won’t even bother trying to explain it. But I can say I felt a theme of family and generations woven into it (what connects us? what do we pass on?). As I write this, I realize one could view the vine as a lineage, each leaf a new generation of the family.

Vines continue to be rich with symbolism for me (just had another layer open up this week) and perhaps one of these days I’ll work up a more unique and interesting vine design. It’s been fun trying out these basic designs (can’t claim them as my own). I have one more vine piece that is not yet complete… honestly, there is no end in sight for that one, hahaha.

If you happen to be interested in a custom vine macrame, please let me know. I might be able to work something up for you 🙂 Email me (Grace) at gracienoonhandmade@gmail.com

To view and purchase my available artwork, please visit my Etsy shop: http://etsy.com/shop/gracienoon

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