Eyes of Gratitude : Autumn Rainbow feat. Turkey Feathers

This piece was a complete 180 from it’s original intention. I honestly don’t know how the autumn themed rainbow came about. I can’t remember the exact moment of inspiration, only that I found myself digging through my cord bin for my rich autumn colors.

Tassels were the next deviation from the plan. Which sounded loads more exciting than a basic weave.

I’m also not sure how the feathers came into play. At some point it just happened. Then I dug through another bin to look at crystals when I came across a couple sets of buttons I bought at Mardens last year, and as soon as I placed this one on the feathers I literally squealed and jumped up and down.

It took some nervous courage and help from my husband to figure out how to glue on the feathers- I was so nervous I was going to mess it up and ruin it. But I am SOOOO thrilled that it turned out perfectly.

I used turkey feathers, and turkey is one of my favorite birds. They are truly gorgeous creatures with incredibly diverse feathers. I’ve had several special experiences with turkey and given it’s association with Thanksgiving, this majestic bird always reminds me to be thankful and pay attention to what I already have. Gratitude is the doorway to abundance.

The rainbow colors are representative of abundance, diversity, and promise, and these particular autumn tones symbolize harvest. The feathers fan out to resemble a turkey’s tail (I did not intend that!), representing the majesty of this glorious bird that has long symbolized sustenance and plenty. The bead resembles an eye, and lately I have been praying for eyes to see- eyes to see the provision already in front of me.

Eyes of gratitude.

May we have vision to see the blessings and provision available during these dark times.

This special wall hanging is available for purchase in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/gracienoon

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