Commission: Neutral Rainbow for Nursery

A couple friends recently commissioned me to make a macrame wall hanging for their sister who is expecting twins. It was an exciting challenge!

I came up with the idea of a large alternative rainbow and created a prototype to test the construction. (Click the picture for more about that rainbow)

For the commissioned piece, we were going for a neutral palatte with the color mauve as a starting point. Since I didn’t have any fibers in this color range, I starting browsing online and picking out colors and textures. It was so fun to finally buy some specialty fibers for once!

Perfecting the palette

One of the sisters had some furry yarn she sent me and we included that in the piece, which felt really special. I ordered some banana silk yarn, recycled chiffon ribbon, and velvet from Unfettered Co. When I got everything together, I started looking through everything else I owned that might compliment what we had. I picked out some natural wool yarn that I believe came from my husband’s late grandmother (I have a big bag of it and I don’t know where it came from!), dusty rose and natural cord from Niroma Studio, and as a final pop- I threw in a metallic laced mustard yarn I snagged from KnitPicks last year during a sale. It was not at all in my plans to add that color, but I knew the recipient loved mustard and I came across the yarn while picking fibers. I threw it in the pile just to see what it would look like and I think it really completes the piece and adds something special. And finally- all of it held together with 5mm 3ply rope from Modern Macrame.

Although it’s pretty far from the original idea of mauve, we all love how the piece turned out!

All the different textures are so sumptuous! I was insistent on the winter sage velvet, which may be my favorite part!

Just for fun, I made a couple minis for the client sisters… so now all three of the sisters have matching rainbows!

I look forward to creating more rainbow variations. This design allows for endless possibility of color and texture, and I already have several new ideas to try!

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