Neutral Abstract Macrame Rainbow

My concept for this wall hanging did not materialize. It was a huge experiment that leaves me baffled as to how it ended up this way. I tried this, I tried that, just to give it shape and existence after it became clear my original idea was out of reach.

To be honest, this is one of my least favorite pieces. However, it became the inspiration for an entirely new beautiful pattern that has since emerged (stay tuned!), and perhaps that was its true function and purpose all along. It is a door between worlds, rather than a final destination.

I do love the neutral tones of this wall hanging. I generally work with lots of color, so it is nice to work with calmer shades at times. Neutrals have a very soothing quality to them.

As I hung this piece in my bedroom one early evening, it drew my attention and I could not turn away. I sat staring at it, simply soaking in the peace it offered, and that is when I was inspired with my new upcoming series.

There are some dreams we must release in order for an even better reality to emerge.

This wall hanging is available for purchase in my Etsy shop:

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