Calculated Whimsy

It seems as though the words “calculated” and “whimsy” should not be used together, but I enjoy all things paradox because that’s the nature of life.

I got into macrame because I discovered I could convey deep meaning with this artform. Yet somewhere along the way I’ve realized that I have a legit addiction to finding meaning in everything, and it’s both a blessing and a curse. Nothing is simple or mundane, all things must have some deep significance! But that obsessed gold-digging is quite exhausting and becomes an extremely unhealthy habit. I lose sight of the simple pleasures in life because I gotta blow things up into some dramatic display (and sometimes I just plain fail to create the desired fireworks and take a nose-dive into the deep ocean of despair).

Art is a way for me to process what I’m going through. It’s a healing therapy. And like all good things in my life, I went and created a structured religion out of it. Because I’ve had such amazing experiences with creating macrame, I’ve just assumed it should always be that way. All of my wall hangings should have a special story that teaches some grand life lesson. That was supposed to be my thing, ya know??? Ah yes, Gracie creates truly inspired artwork that is rich in spiritual symbolism and healing potential. Snob snob snobbery.

How can I possibly live up to these high ideals? I keep setting myself up to fail and it’s starting to really bum me out.

Whatever happened to creating something just for the heck of it? Forget the deeper meaning. Stop straining to find some grand divine symbolism in everything. It’s ok to just do things for no other reason than you enjoy doing them. You really don’t need to know why.

I was planning to just take a crafting break for the rest of the month but the creative bug finally bite me a few days ago and I had to scratch. I’d been staring at one of my mini rainbows and was inspired to see how else I could use that curved vertical clove hitch technique. I kept telling myself I’d try it some other day, but I finally snapped (had a tense arugment with my husband) and I just went right to my cord and started knotting.

Calculated: I knew the basic curve I wanted to do, but it took a lot of calculation to get it right. I’m really quite proud of myself for figuring it out.

Whimsy: There’s no special meaning or story for this piece. I just wanted to experiment and I let the piece wander where it wanted to. The gold beads and golden obsidian stones were later additions that gives it more character. (Gold obsidian is black with gold sheen, a very fascinating look).

So here it is, my last fiber art of 2019. No deep meaning, just an appreciation for the vast potential of creativity. It’s freedom.

I love the result.

This mini wall hanging is available for purchase in my Etsy shop here.

Happy New Year, everyone! Go enjoy life and do something whimsical!


PS: I realize I’m long overdue to update the website and inform you of the story behind my name change. Sickness and bad internet has prevented me. Hopefully the new year will bring better health and better internet??????

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