Hope beyond all politics.
Hope beyond all religions.
Hope beyond our trauma and false identities.
Hope beyond our existential wounds and belief of separation.
Hope beyond our ravenous hunger and needless overconsumption.
Hope beyond our addiction to blame, judgment, and war.
Hope beyond our shame, guilt, and false humility.
Hope beyond the broken world we see around us,


Hope in the beauty we see everyday.
Hope in the miracle of life in every aspect.
Hope in the healing potential within each body and soul.
Hope in the possibility of true peace.
Hope in the realization that we are all ONE…

HOPE in the beautiful world our hearts imagine and know, deep down, is entirely possible.

The Kingdom of Heaven lies within you, within me, within everyone of us. The God in me recognizes the God in you. And it rejoices!

Only when we begin to recognize the innate worth, dignity, and beauty of ALL souls (human or otherwise) shall we find what we have always sought for: peace and joy.

I cling to hope. And hope gives me joy.

Although I envisioned this wall hanging last year, and cut the cord last month, I finally got to making it this past weekend. During election madness/celebration, I sat with my own deep grief over the state of humanity and our world. I struggled with my place among it all. I worked on this wall hanging while I bled and cried, wrestling with what I call my “existential burden”.

The grief and confusion eventually gives way to hope. Letting yourself feel the heavy energy allows it to finally pass, which then allows the new energy to flow. I am still just as clueless and grieved and confused, especially regarding my life’s purpose and work… but I have hope. I am here. I am here. I am here. I am surrounded by life. I am life.

I am here. I am not going anywhere. My first and highest calling is to dwell in LOVE. Love will direct, Love will guide.

I am here. I am here. And I am HOPE.

This wall hanging is available for purchase in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/gracienoon

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